Our rooms

Nature and sustainability are priority at our hotel restaurant located in Saverne.
We use seasonal and local products whenever possible as well as recycled and recyclable.

In our 12 rooms we offer many natural and sustainable products :



  • Shower gel and shampoo made in Alsace. «  Evade sens », all-natural, sustainable and human-friendly products
  • The curtains in all of our rooms are made in Alsace, in Thann
  • Recycled pencils and stationery are at your disposal in our rooms
  • You will also find ecological mugs made of wheat fiber.


We have a room for persons with disabilities with easy access to the car park.

Parking handicapé mobilité réduite

Enjoy a night or a longer stay and discover our beautifully designed and furnished hotel.

Breakfast at 18 €




Welcome to the hotel La Garenne

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The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday noon

  • Noon: noon to 2.30 p.m.   
  • Evening: 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.